Mouthwatering Sweet Dish Of The Week : Red Velvet Cake Pune

Red Velvet Cake Pune

Red Velvet Cake Pune | Image Resource :

About Red Velvet Cake Pune : Words will not do justice to this slice of heaven which is baked with utmost perfection. This opulent, thick, mushy, moist cake with cream cheese frosting has had devotees hooked onto it for ages! For those of you who have never tried it, I encourage you to stop doing everything and run to the nearest place that offers this delectable piece of pleasure.

Delicious Food Of The Week: Pune Special Bhakarwadi

Pune Special Bhakarwadi

Pune Special Bhakarwadi | Image Resource :

Summarization : The Bhakarwadi is a dish or rather a snack made from dough. The dough is filled with Masala and spice mix and then rolled over and cut into smaller bite sized pieces. It is then deep fried and served as a evening snack along with tea or coffee and is native to Pune, Maharashtra.

Destination Of The Week : The Westine Pune

The Westine Pune

The Westine Pune | Image Resource :

Description : Pune is a city close to my heart and Westine Pune is a luxury hotel that is situated in the wonderful Koregaon Park. Apart from the rooms and suites, the Fitness studio, the dining areas and the conference rooms are simply sensational. They inspire you to do the best and the services of the staff are worth mentioning. This stay will remain in my memory for a long time!

An Enjoyable Dish : Healthy And Testy Chivda

Healthy And Tasty Chivda

Healthy And Tasty Chivda | Image Resource :

Healthy And Tasty Chivda –  Hot-hot tasty and healthy Chivda with yummy chutney prepared freshly with ghee and other ingredients is nothing less than heaven. One might go to hundreds of hotels and taste thousands of dishes, but nothing can beat the taste of the healthy Chivda prepared by my mom at home during our snack time!

Destination Of The Week : Jw Marriott Hotel Pune

JW Marriott Hotel Pune

JW Marriott Hotel Pune | Image Resource :

Summarization : I love a ‘prefect picture’ and JW Marriott Hotel proved to be one. This hotel has one of the largest convention centers in Western India as it boasts of 13,000 sq. feet of pillar-less ballroom and 12 breakaway rooms. Not only this, but after the hectic getaways the recreational amenities like spa and pool really made my stay commendable.

Desstination Of The Week : Darjeeling Style Aloo Dum

Darjeeling Style Aloo Dum

Darjeeling Style Aloo Dum | Image Resource :

Summarization :  Hot Hot Chapattis with Darjeeling Style Dum Aloo is equal to pure heaven. So, if you are planning for something fanciful, just order this dish and eat. You can feel how amazing it is from the first bite that enters your mouth. Potato is one food that is loved by all and the aroma of this potato based side dish itself captivates people.

Hail The Heros At Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute stands as an emblem for all those who have braved the snow and the ridges to make their mark at the highest altitudes. This goes for the hero who have conquered the hills. It was built to commemorate the success of Tenzing Norgay who accompanied Edmund Hillary in the conquest of Mount Everest in 1953.

Tenzing was the first field trainer for mountaineering enthusiasts at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. A present, it offers a residential school for mountaineering students as well as a museum housing mountaineering artifacts and displays.

Entrance of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Entrance of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute | Image Resource :

The foundation stone was laid by the former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The institute offers month long on mountaineering. There are some small curio shops selling Himalayan craft, gems etc that the tourists can pick up as a souvenir.

A tour around the institute gives you glimpses of expeditions undertaken by the mountaineers. It is much more that sitting at a distance and admiring the beauty. It is humongous and life threatening. I imagined myself in their shoes. At first the sprawling white sheet of snow seemed appealing but after that came the other side of the beautiful nature. The scarier side of it… it sent a chill through the spine.

I walked around the institutes panning the reminiscence of the glories of the past. The signage that says, “May you climb from peak to peak.” Truly, this is what climbing is all about. Suddenly, an ad banner of some management institute flashed on my mind. They had this kind of a visual. It had a man climbing up the mountains with some similar tagline written underneath. I could imagine the kind of valor and grit that is actually required to climb from peak to peak.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute | Image Resource :

 The institute also gave some of the most beautiful views of the mountains. The snow capped Kanchenjunga looked the same from every part of Darjeeling. Pristine white with hues of withered yellow reflecting the sun. It was a very enriching experience for me and will stay in my mind long after I leave this place.

Heritage and Hospitability At The Dekeling Resort Darjeeling

I checked out for budgets hotels in Darjeeling with just the basic amenities and I happened to zero in on Dekeling Resort Darjeeling. And to my delight, the resort happened to offer a curious mix of history, scenic beauty and connectivity. The hotel was built by Sir William Ferguson Ducat in 19th century to serve as a summer abode for the British.

Located next to the Green Lawn School, the resort enjoyed a close proximity to the Union Church and the famous Tenzing Rock. As I checked in, I received warm welcome from the hotel staff. The boy who guided me to my hill view room, updated me with some quick facts about the hotel services, room service, travel desk, cab facility for touring and  of course food.

As I entered the room, I found it to be was warm and cozy complete with all the basic amenities necessary for a modern lifestyle. It was neat and clean. The rest room was spacious and well stacked with towels and toiletries.

Dekeling Resort Darjeeling

Dekeling Resort Darjeeling | Image Reosurce :

As I removed the curtains, there stood the mighty and the oh! so mesmerizing Kanchenjunga! How much I have longed to come to this place and now I am here. I just stood there thinking it to be a dream. For the next few days, every morning I rise, my eyes will open up to the beautiful snow capped hills.

I checked out the travel booklet lying on the side table and a menu card. I could order the food but I decided to walk to the cafeteria and enjoy the local flavors of the hotel. I took a quick hot water shower and climbed down the stars to reach the cafeteria. The ever welcoming waiter came with the menu card. I ordered for Thukpa, a noodle soup very typical of this place. In another fifteen minutes, a steaming bowl full of vegetable and noodles arrived. I took a dip into the soulful, the flavorful noodle soup and not only quenched my hunger pangs but also warmed me up. It was the perfect order keeping in mind the time, place and the overall environ.

Destination Of The Week : Hotel Broadway Darjeeling

Hotel Broadway Darjeelin

Hotel Broadway Darjeeling | Image Resopurce :

Description :  Lovely, comfy and pleasant. Hotel Broadway Darjeeling had it all. It was an unforgettable trip last summer with my friends and the places around the resort hotel was amazing. Well, for a photography lover like me what more is needed! We had a good time enjoying the pristine nature around this hotel.

Hotel Fortune Landmark – Unpretentiously Modern

Indore being quite a developed city, there are almost 63 famous hotels one would like to dwell in, providing services ranging from 5 star, 4 star as well as 3 star. As I reached my destination, i.e. Indore, I was quite eager to check out the Fortune Landmark hotel, where I had booked myself for the stay. It is a four star hotel located strategically near the airport as well as the railway station, at Vijay Nagar, Indore.

I made up my mind to stay in this hotel after doing some research on the quality of services provided by it. Thanks to technological advancement which has made the world such a composite entity that all information is available on a single click of a button. I made my reservations online, with utmost convenience, using the hotel booking app.

Hotel Fortune Landmark Lobby and Reception View

Hotel Fortune Landmark – Unpretentiously Modern | Image Resource :

As I entered the hotel I was mesmerized by its beautiful interiors and warm and welcoming staff. It clearly depicts the beauty of the city’s culture, in all aspects, be it service, facilities, accommodation or cuisine.

This hotel is a one stop destination for business as well as leisure travelers. This hotel offers some of the most desirable amenities to its patrons, ranging from air conditioned rooms, restaurant, bar, excellent and prompt room service, Wi-Fi connectivity, gym, coffee shop as well as pool for those willing to take a dip to refresh themselves in the summers.

Hotel Fortune Landmark Indore Bedroom View

Hotel Fortune Landmark Indore Bedroom View | Image Resource :

Apart from the in-room graceful services what trickled my senses were the restaurants at the hotel. I am an immaculate foodie and the variety in cuisine offered by the eating outlets in Fortune Landmark lifted up my spirits. I went in the Ambrosa restaurant, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant and also has a very contemporary bar service to lure customers. I could sense the authentic flavors from India in their food.

To add on to its glory, there was also a range of continental and Chinese delicacies offered by them. In the evening I visited the open air restaurant, Earthen Oven. The pleasant weather and dimly lit surroundings appealed to my senses. Moreover the mouth-watering flavors of kebabs, tasty breads, spicy curries and many other delectable dishes made my order a difficult decision. The list is not yet over; you can surely savor yourself a refreshing beverage at Cafe Landmark.

Hotel Fortune Landmark Indore

Hotel Fortune Landmark Indore | Image Resource :

As I went for a stroll outside I discovered that there were quite a number of places worth visiting nearby.  Central Museum is located at a distance of approximately 7km and the Digambar Jain Kaanch Mandir is approximately 10kms from the hotel. I immediately grabbed my camera and was ready to capture the beauty of the rich cultural heritage protruding out of Indore’s monuments.