Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar – A Great Way To Rock In The Cradle Of Mother Nature!

Travelling is one of the major aspects of any photographer’s life, and the same rule applies to my life as well. Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing fine. This is your blogger cum photographer, Siddharth Kaushik, and this time I am going to share few things about my stay in Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is a city located in the Satara District of Maharashtra. From the beautiful Mapro Garden to the enchanting Venna Lake, I captured every single beauty of this city in my DSLR.

Mahabaleshwar Places

Mahabaleshwar Places | Image Resource :


Mapro Garden Pune

Mapro Garden Pune | Image Resource :


Boating In Venna Lake

Boating In Venna Lake | Image Resource :

I would definitely admit that my stay in the Saj Resort played a pivotal role in making my Mahabaleshwar trip a successful one. Without the comforts of Saj resort Mahabaleshwar, it would have been really difficult to experience the beauty around it. From the moment I checked into this 4-star resort’s room, I felt an amazing sense of relaxation and absolute peace. Located in the serene environments of Metgutad Village, this resort can really impress you with its excellent services.

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Entrance

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Entrance | Image Resource :


Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Reception

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Reception | Image Resource :

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar: Impressing You with Excellent services!

Spread across a huge area of 5 acres I believe, this resort is a perfect way to spend few days in the cradle of Mother Nature. No doubt, being a photographer I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this resort, because of its natural surroundings. The shutter of my camera never came to halt, and I was really excited about the whole thing. From the Pune airport, the resort is around 123 Kms, but the manager of the resort was really helping in guiding me over the phone, about how to reach saj resort.

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar | Image Resource :

Since I am totally into adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, and bungee jumping, for this reason I never missed an opportunity to get my adrenaline level rushing through the brain. The adventure spot was quite close to the Saj resort Mahabaleshwar, and therefore it was quite convenient for me to return even after the sunset.


Mouthwatering Sweet Dish Of The Week : Red Velvet Cake Pune

Red Velvet Cake Pune

Red Velvet Cake Pune | Image Resource :

About Red Velvet Cake Pune : Words will not do justice to this slice of heaven which is baked with utmost perfection. This opulent, thick, mushy, moist cake with cream cheese frosting has had devotees hooked onto it for ages! For those of you who have never tried it, I encourage you to stop doing everything and run to the nearest place that offers this delectable piece of pleasure.

Destination Of The Week : Doubletree By Hilton Pune

Doubletree By Hilton Pune

Doubletree By Hilton Pune | Image Resource :

Summarization : Located in the heart of the industrial belt, Doubletree is known for award-winning cuisine with 4 restaurants and bars serving local and international food. Plethora of facilities and spectacular hospitality made my stay at the hotel a remarkable and memorable experience. I pledge to be their loyal customer and revisit them again.

Thrilling Adventurous Roller Coaster : Things To Do In Manali!

Hi Guys! This is Siddhartha Kaushik belonging to the beautiful state of Haryana. I consider myself to be an ace photographer. My pursuit and passion to capture the best places in India has given me the opportunity to travel extensively across India.  Though I can boast that I have been to many exotic locales; this beautiful country has lots more for me to explore. One such destination which I am surely gonna visit very soon is Manali!

Manali Attractrions

Manali Attractrions | Image Resource :,

I have read so much about the beautiful Kulu valley that I am waiting to capture it in my lens. This beautiful hill station is located in the Himachal Pradesh. It is well connected by road, rail and air. I think I will opt for taking a bus from Chandigarh as it will turn out to be more economical. Moreover it will also give me the opportunity to click the pics of my road travel which I will surely post on my blog.

Kullu Valley Manali

Kullu Valley Manali | Image Resource :

Adventure Sports are the best Things to do in Manali :

One of the other prominent reasons that I wish to go to Manali is it is packed with action packed adventure sports. This is definitely any 25 year old like me will enjoy. When we talk about adventure sports there are plenty of things to do in Manali. The most prominent being river, rafting, hiking and mountain biking! I have already gathered a lot of information on all the three activities so that I am well prepared when I reach Manali.

In case of water rafting I have options of White water rafting at Siyal which is priced at just Rs 500/- .Rafting at Vyas river on Mall road is also very famous. It has multiple timings but I have read that it is a little expensive.

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Next I have plans to go for hiking. My friends have suggested that I take the hiking experience at the Jogini waterfall and see the snow-clad mountains. I have also short listed the hiking adventures at Solang Valley. The final thing on my list of things to do in Manali is mountain biking. My best buddy has suggested that I go to Ram Bagh or old Manali for the purpose.

Ram Bagh Manali

Ram Bagh Manali | Image Resource :


Old Manali

Old Manali | Image Resource :

So friends I am saving the money of all my assignments, so that I can go and have a blast in Manali. I will keep you posted. Till then Bye folks!

Destination Of The Week : The Westine Pune

The Westine Pune

The Westine Pune | Image Resource :

Description : Pune is a city close to my heart and Westine Pune is a luxury hotel that is situated in the wonderful Koregaon Park. Apart from the rooms and suites, the Fitness studio, the dining areas and the conference rooms are simply sensational. They inspire you to do the best and the services of the staff are worth mentioning. This stay will remain in my memory for a long time!

Feel The Luxury When You Are At The Corinthians Resort & Club Pune

We were in the middle of our trip, and one of my friends came to me with the details of The Corinthians Resort & Club Pune. He winked at me and smiled! After checking out the brochure of the resort, even I winked back at him. We shared a wicked hint that we wanted to spend some time at the five-star luxury hotel. We convinced our other friends for same and got ready to spend some gala time at the hotel.

Entrance in The Corinthians Resort & Club

Entrance in The Corinthians Resort & Club | Image Rsource :

We booked the rooms online and checked in the hotel early the next morning. We were a group of hunks and so deluxe room was perfect for us. As our cab was entering the hotel, we started feeling royal and our chests inflated. Well, boys are boys!

The Corinthians Resort And Club , Pune

The Corinthians Resort And Club , Pune | Image Resource :

The resort is located in South Pune, surrounded by the hills. All the VIPS from the country often stay here when they are in Pune city. All of us were welcomed with smiles by the perfectly dressed ladies and a well behaved manager. We moved into our respective rooms and were awed by the experience we received till now. Luxurious treatment is simply majestic, and one should feel it once in a while to pamper the self.

Entrance of the Corinthians Resort & Club

TEntrance of the Corinthians Resort & Club | Image Resource :

After resting for a couple of hours, our tummies wanted to get filled. There were several dining places at the resort, and we chose to have lunch at Salsa multi cuisine restaurant. Wow, the ambience was extravagant! We had Mediterranean lunch; it was delicious as the delicacies were prepared by the top chefs. Taste, presentation, everything was just perfect.

Resort The Corinthians Boutique

Resort The Corinthians Boutique | Image Resource :

We even tasted wines, as we Hariyanwis feel the meal to be incomplete without drinks. The resort had many activities for the guests to spend quality time; some of them included Zazen spa, Salon, outdoor and indoor games, gym, and many more. All of us scattered to different areas and experienced the royal treatment offered to us.

Oceanus Poolside Cafe in Hotel

Oceanus Poolside Cafe in Hotel | Image Resource :

Then it was evening time, and there was a Bollywood event happening at the garden place. We sat there, laughed and talked, had snacks, and enjoyed to the fullest. Well, we shared many wonderful moments here. I recommend this resort for my traveller friends who wish to visit Pune in near future.

Special Suite in Corinthians Resort & Club , Pune

Special Suite in Corinthians Resort & Club , Pune | Image Resource :

Destination Of The Week : Jw Marriott Hotel Pune

JW Marriott Hotel Pune

JW Marriott Hotel Pune | Image Resource :

Summarization : I love a ‘prefect picture’ and JW Marriott Hotel proved to be one. This hotel has one of the largest convention centers in Western India as it boasts of 13,000 sq. feet of pillar-less ballroom and 12 breakaway rooms. Not only this, but after the hectic getaways the recreational amenities like spa and pool really made my stay commendable.

Destination Of The Week : Hotel Broadway Darjeeling

Hotel Broadway Darjeelin

Hotel Broadway Darjeeling | Image Resopurce :

Description :  Lovely, comfy and pleasant. Hotel Broadway Darjeeling had it all. It was an unforgettable trip last summer with my friends and the places around the resort hotel was amazing. Well, for a photography lover like me what more is needed! We had a good time enjoying the pristine nature around this hotel.

A Wonderful Stay in Hotel Nahar Niligris Ooty: Exotic Views and Great Amenities!

While planning my trip to the Nilgiri Hills, I also decided to stay somewhere which was located amidst good views. I was particularly looking for a place or a hotel that would be close to the blue mountains and had gone through numerous sites looking for the same. As I was browsing through the list, I came across hotels that were a bit expensive for my budget or some were located far away from the Nilgiris.

Then I came across this hotel named Hotel Nahar Nilgiris, Ooty that surprisingly was offering me all the services I needed at a very affordable price. Hence, I finally narrowed down to this hotel and booked it for my trip to the Nilgiris.

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty | Image Resource :

On my way to the hotel, I experienced some of the most exotic views and was enthralled to see the deep valleys. I was happy to find that the hotel was located in the midst of such a beautiful valley. The place was just 2 km away from the station at Ooty and was a bit far from the Airport. But the beautiful location amongst this valley did not let me feel a bit of tiredness.

As I arrived at the hotel, I was welcomed very warmly and immediately escorted to my room. I was stunned to see how beautifully the rooms were decorated and cleaned. The hotel provided the perfect ambiance for me to relax and enjoy my stay amidst the beautiful landscape.

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty Restaurant View

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty Restaurant View | Image Resource :

The place not only did act as a tourist hotel, but to my surprise had two well-built conference rooms for organizing meetings, etc.  Nilgiris also has a number of restaurants that offer their customers vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals. Some of the prominent restaurants that I noticed were The Garden Café and Chandan Multi Cuisine Restaurant.

Suite View Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty

Suite View Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty | Image Resource :

The staff was very friendly and helpful and when asked guided me to the number of tourist locations that were in a proximity to the hotel. Some of the places that I visited were Rose Garden, Ooty Lake, and The Pykara Lake. The atmosphere of Ooty and hospitality of the hotel turned this experience into a beautiful memory to cherish.

Destination Of The Week : Hotel Meadows Residency Ooty

Hotel Meadows Residency Ooty

Hotel Meadows Residency Ooty | Image Resource :

Summarization : Finding a perfect place to stay at Ooty was not very difficult. Hotel Meadows Residency Ooty offered us the best hospitality ever. With warm and cozy rooms, the services extended by the hotel stay added to the pleasure. The hotel, being accessible from all happening destinations of Ooty, was a perfect place to stay at.