Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar – A Great Way To Rock In The Cradle Of Mother Nature!

Travelling is one of the major aspects of any photographer’s life, and the same rule applies to my life as well. Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing fine. This is your blogger cum photographer, Siddharth Kaushik, and this time I am going to share few things about my stay in Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is a city located in the Satara District of Maharashtra. From the beautiful Mapro Garden to the enchanting Venna Lake, I captured every single beauty of this city in my DSLR.

Mahabaleshwar Places

Mahabaleshwar Places | Image Resource :


Mapro Garden Pune

Mapro Garden Pune | Image Resource :


Boating In Venna Lake

Boating In Venna Lake | Image Resource :

I would definitely admit that my stay in the Saj Resort played a pivotal role in making my Mahabaleshwar trip a successful one. Without the comforts of Saj resort Mahabaleshwar, it would have been really difficult to experience the beauty around it. From the moment I checked into this 4-star resort’s room, I felt an amazing sense of relaxation and absolute peace. Located in the serene environments of Metgutad Village, this resort can really impress you with its excellent services.

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Entrance

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Entrance | Image Resource :


Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Reception

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar Reception | Image Resource :

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar: Impressing You with Excellent services!

Spread across a huge area of 5 acres I believe, this resort is a perfect way to spend few days in the cradle of Mother Nature. No doubt, being a photographer I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this resort, because of its natural surroundings. The shutter of my camera never came to halt, and I was really excited about the whole thing. From the Pune airport, the resort is around 123 Kms, but the manager of the resort was really helping in guiding me over the phone, about how to reach saj resort.

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar

Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar | Image Resource :

Since I am totally into adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, and bungee jumping, for this reason I never missed an opportunity to get my adrenaline level rushing through the brain. The adventure spot was quite close to the Saj resort Mahabaleshwar, and therefore it was quite convenient for me to return even after the sunset.


Delisous Food Of The Week : Rava Ladoo

 Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo | Image Resource :

Rava Ladoo – : Any festival is not complete without the inclusion of sweets. When seeing this round and whitish of Rava Laddoo takes me to Diwali. I love the sweetness and the crispiness of the laddoo. As soon as my mom takes it out from the stove, I click snaps of these beautiful sweet balls.

An Appetizing Chana Dal Paratha Dish of Udaipur

Chana Dal Paratha

Chana Dal Paratha | Image Resource :

Chana Dal Paratha : Yummyyyy! That’s the only thing I can remember of the channa dhal Paratha that I had in my friend’s place! It was so tasty that I asked them the recipe..the channa dhal is soaked and cooked and mixed with spices like onion, green chillies , amchur, garam masala powder and made to a stuffing. This is then stuffed in the ordinary rotis and fried in a tava pouring ghee and oil. I was served with curd and pickle and it was simply a grand breakfast dish!

Yummy food of Udaipur : Gatte ki Sabzi & Missi Roti

Gatte ki Sabzi & Missi Roti

Gatte ki Sabzi & Missi Roti | Image Resource :

Definition : When we were at Udaipur, we decided to have our lunch at a local dhaba. The restaurant owner personally recommended a dish called “Gatte ki sabzi and Missi roti” to us. It was the speciality of this dhaba. I personally loved the dish and combination of rotti and sabzi offered to us.

Destination Of the Week : The Ananta Hotel Udaipur

The Ananta Hotel Udaipur

The Ananta Hotel Udaipur

Summarization : During my Udaipur trip, we decided to stay at “the Ananta”. We chose this hotel as it was quite convenient for our travel plans. I must say that this hotel is beautifully built. Our room was great and offered a great view to us. The hotel offered decent food and servicing and we were quite satisfied by this stay.

Delicious food of Udaipur : Mirchi Vada

Mirchi Vada

Mirchi Vada | Image Resource :

About Mirchi Vada : Mirchi Vada is a delicious snack from Udaipur. It is hot as it is made from Green Chillies. The dish can be served with sauce or chutney. We had this snack in a roadside stall and they served it with a marvellous chutney. Do not miss this amazing snack from Udaipur.