Thrilling Adventurous Roller Coaster : Things To Do In Manali!

Hi Guys! This is Siddhartha Kaushik belonging to the beautiful state of Haryana. I consider myself to be an ace photographer. My pursuit and passion to capture the best places in India has given me the opportunity to travel extensively across India.  Though I can boast that I have been to many exotic locales; this beautiful country has lots more for me to explore. One such destination which I am surely gonna visit very soon is Manali!

Manali Attractrions

Manali Attractrions | Image Resource :,

I have read so much about the beautiful Kulu valley that I am waiting to capture it in my lens. This beautiful hill station is located in the Himachal Pradesh. It is well connected by road, rail and air. I think I will opt for taking a bus from Chandigarh as it will turn out to be more economical. Moreover it will also give me the opportunity to click the pics of my road travel which I will surely post on my blog.

Kullu Valley Manali

Kullu Valley Manali | Image Resource :

Adventure Sports are the best Things to do in Manali :

One of the other prominent reasons that I wish to go to Manali is it is packed with action packed adventure sports. This is definitely any 25 year old like me will enjoy. When we talk about adventure sports there are plenty of things to do in Manali. The most prominent being river, rafting, hiking and mountain biking! I have already gathered a lot of information on all the three activities so that I am well prepared when I reach Manali.

In case of water rafting I have options of White water rafting at Siyal which is priced at just Rs 500/- .Rafting at Vyas river on Mall road is also very famous. It has multiple timings but I have read that it is a little expensive.

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Next I have plans to go for hiking. My friends have suggested that I take the hiking experience at the Jogini waterfall and see the snow-clad mountains. I have also short listed the hiking adventures at Solang Valley. The final thing on my list of things to do in Manali is mountain biking. My best buddy has suggested that I go to Ram Bagh or old Manali for the purpose.

Ram Bagh Manali

Ram Bagh Manali | Image Resource :


Old Manali

Old Manali | Image Resource :

So friends I am saving the money of all my assignments, so that I can go and have a blast in Manali. I will keep you posted. Till then Bye folks!

Best Weekend Getaway At Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune

Zoo parks are always mentioned in the list of must visit places by the travellers, irrespective of the city you are in. They are thrilling and educative for both children and adults. I have visited many parks and zoos of India, so I was excited to see what Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park of Pune has to offer for it tourists.

The resort we stayed in had many luxury cars for the guests to roam around the city. We took one for ourselves. We were all set with caps, shoes, camera, and some snacks from the resort’s restaurant as we had to spend our entire day in the zoo.

Entrance of Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Pune

Entrance of Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Pune | Image Resource :

Within one and half hour, we joyfully arrived at the park. We took the information from the resort manager about the zoo that it is open all days but not on Wednesday, and the timings are 9.30 to 5. The entry fee was 15 per head; we took the tickets and entered the zoo.

We read from the huge boards of the zoo that the entire place of 130 acre is parted into three categories, they are Snake Park, zoo and animal orphanage. We all were eager to explore each phase of the zoo. Well, the zoo had made many efforts to collect some enormous and rare species of animals. Though I am scared of reptiles, but I was startled with such a variety of snakes here.

Russells Viper in Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Russells Viper in Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park | Image Resource :

Leopard, barking deer, monkeys, snakes, cobras, vipers, crocodiles, python, elephants, bears, tigers, and so many animals. I filled my camera with amazing animal shots, that I will definitely share with you my friends.

We were having fun wandering around and munching our snacks. It was 4 pm by now, and our legs were aching in pain. We then moved out of the zoo as we finished seeing almost every corner of the zoo. Our driver from the hotel was waiting for us, and now we only wanted to reach our resort and give rest to our bodies.

Tigers at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Tigers at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park | Image Resource :

It was the most exciting and at the same time exhaustive day for all of us. After reaching the resort, we took spa therapies so that we get set for the next day of our trip.

One Of The Beautiful Temples Of Pune And Also Its Pride- Parvati Hill!

Pune is a lively city; it has many things to offer to the tourists. Monuments, parks, temples, and adventure places- Pune is filled with excitement. When I woke up, I experienced cool wind from the balcony. After visiting two temples already, my heart wanted to spend some more time at religious places. And my friends told me about Parvati Hill when we were having our morning tea.

Parvati Hill is the pride temple of the city; it is located at 2100 feet above the sea level. We hired bikes from the hotel we stayed in, and started our trip to the famous Parvati Mandir. It took about 2 hours approximately for us to reach the destination; we parked our bikes and raised our heads to get the glimpse of the temple. The locals told us that there are 103 steps; we were excited to climb them to get a new adventurous experience.

Parvati Hill Pune

Parvati Hill Pune | Image Resource :

Finally, we were up and that moment brought wide brim on our faces. The architecture of the temple reflected the views and tradition of Peshwa dynasty which ruled during that time. The spellbinding sight from the top of the entire city left us calm for some time. All of us were stunned, didn’t speak up for a while, and just gazed all over. The philosophical souls inside us got evoked in for some minutes.

We came to know that the opening and closing time of the temple are 5 am and 8 pm respectively. The local Maharashtrians were jolly people and served us Prasad. Parvati Hill includes 5 temples, each of Shiva and Parvati known as Devdeveshwar temple, Vitthal temple, Kartikeya, Rama, and of Vishnu. We worshiped and then I was off alone to grab some panoramic views of the entire place.

Well, as all temples have a great history behind, so does Parvati Hills. I came to know many interesting stories of why it was built, how it was built, and when. All of them were fascinating indeed. After spending a couple of hours solo, I went near my friends and we took some group pictures.

Feel The Luxury When You Are At The Corinthians Resort & Club Pune

We were in the middle of our trip, and one of my friends came to me with the details of The Corinthians Resort & Club Pune. He winked at me and smiled! After checking out the brochure of the resort, even I winked back at him. We shared a wicked hint that we wanted to spend some time at the five-star luxury hotel. We convinced our other friends for same and got ready to spend some gala time at the hotel.

Entrance in The Corinthians Resort & Club

Entrance in The Corinthians Resort & Club | Image Rsource :

We booked the rooms online and checked in the hotel early the next morning. We were a group of hunks and so deluxe room was perfect for us. As our cab was entering the hotel, we started feeling royal and our chests inflated. Well, boys are boys!

The Corinthians Resort And Club , Pune

The Corinthians Resort And Club , Pune | Image Resource :

The resort is located in South Pune, surrounded by the hills. All the VIPS from the country often stay here when they are in Pune city. All of us were welcomed with smiles by the perfectly dressed ladies and a well behaved manager. We moved into our respective rooms and were awed by the experience we received till now. Luxurious treatment is simply majestic, and one should feel it once in a while to pamper the self.

Entrance of the Corinthians Resort & Club

TEntrance of the Corinthians Resort & Club | Image Resource :

After resting for a couple of hours, our tummies wanted to get filled. There were several dining places at the resort, and we chose to have lunch at Salsa multi cuisine restaurant. Wow, the ambience was extravagant! We had Mediterranean lunch; it was delicious as the delicacies were prepared by the top chefs. Taste, presentation, everything was just perfect.

Resort The Corinthians Boutique

Resort The Corinthians Boutique | Image Resource :

We even tasted wines, as we Hariyanwis feel the meal to be incomplete without drinks. The resort had many activities for the guests to spend quality time; some of them included Zazen spa, Salon, outdoor and indoor games, gym, and many more. All of us scattered to different areas and experienced the royal treatment offered to us.

Oceanus Poolside Cafe in Hotel

Oceanus Poolside Cafe in Hotel | Image Resource :

Then it was evening time, and there was a Bollywood event happening at the garden place. We sat there, laughed and talked, had snacks, and enjoyed to the fullest. Well, we shared many wonderful moments here. I recommend this resort for my traveller friends who wish to visit Pune in near future.

Special Suite in Corinthians Resort & Club , Pune

Special Suite in Corinthians Resort & Club , Pune | Image Resource :

Destination Of The Week : Vetal Hill Pune

vetal hill pune

Vetal Hill Pune | Image Resource :

About Vetal Hill Pune :  This hill was another trekking getaway for me. I started early and it was a blend of trek and a morning walk. Once I reached at the top, the breathtaking view of the city made my visit worthwhile. It was a wonderful experience for a nature lover like me as I got an opportunity to explore a lot of trees planted here. It was good to be away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Destination Of The Week : Lohagad Fort Pune

Lohagad Fort Pune

Lohagad Fort Pune | Image Resource :

Summarization : I was very excited for Lohagad Fort as I love trekking. Before starting I had refreshments and when I reached at the top I was speechless after watching the view of the city especially the Pawana Dam and waterfalls. I felt I was lying in the lap of nature as the fort was surrounded by greenery. The visit to Vinchu Kata – a small extended bastion was equally exhilarating.

Peaceful And Serene Atmosphere At Saras Baug!

While my friend was chatting online with his Pune friend, he was told that Saras Baug is one of the beautiful attractions of the city. It not just has a historical essence, but is a great place to spend some leisure time with friends as well. When inquired about it with the locals of Pune, they too suggested us to visit the place.

There were so many positive facts given about the place that we had to visit there. We planned to go there. Even one of the staff of the hotel accompanied us to Saras Baug as he was a devotee of Ganpati whose temple is in the garden or Baug in Marathi. It is good to have some local as lot of information can be learnt from him or her about a new place in the new city.

Entrance Of Saras Baug

Entrance Of Saras Baug | Image Resource :

On the way, he told us a story about the place. This place had a lake in earlier days, and while Parvati (our next destination) was in construction process, Peshwas used to come here and inspect whether the work is going on properly. They ordered the workers to make a 25 acre land, which should have a pond and a beautiful garden. Eventually, the lake dried and the garden is left now for the visitors. It was a sweet and nice story, and by the time he finished we arrived at the place.

Saras Baug Pune

Saras Baug Pune | Image Resource :

After spending some cool moments in the garden, we headed towards the temple. It was Sarasbaug Ganapati Mandir of Siddhivinayak. The temple was crowded and we came to know a fact that around ten thousand devotees come here each day. We offered our prayers and sat in the corner of the temple. Well, though I am not so religious, but I was felling at peace here.

Sarasbaug Ganesha Temple, Pune

Sarasbaug Ganesha Temple, Pune | Image Resource :

It was in 1784 when Sawai Madhavarao Peshwa constructed the temple and used to worship here. Now, the temple is popular and lots of Punekars come here often. It was a good place, and all of us had a good time listening to various stories of Peshwas. Peshwas played a key role for Punekars, this is what we summarised from the old stories.

A Day Dedicated To Ganapati At Dagdusheth Ganpati Pune!

When you enter Maharashtra, you will come across lots and lots of devotees of Bappa or Lord Ganesha. Every Maharashtrian believes in Ganapati, and this can be experienced in Pune as well. The word Bappa is often spoken here, and Dagdusheth Ganapati is the most famous temple of Pune.

It is said that Punecha Raja Dagdusheth Ganapati, which means he is the king of Pune. After hearing so much about the temple, missing it would be regretful later. Hence, we all dressed up in traditional Pune style, wearing kurtas and Pune topi. We all were looking sincere today, though we are not so.

We easily reached the temple, which was beautifully decorated. The walls and architecture of the temple were speaking about its history. The full name of this temple is Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati temple. If you are wondering how this name came to place, I have the answer ready for you, thanks to the locals here who gave us enough information.

Dagdusheth Ganpati Pune

Dagdusheth Ganpati Pune | Image Resource :

Dagadusheth was a Halwai (sweet maker) who was a successful and famous trader in Pune. Unfortunately, his son dies due to plague and since then he and his wife went into depression. After seeing them in such a bad condition, their Guru Maharaj asked them to construct the Ganesh temple, and since then the temple is popular in the entire city.

I love such stories, and I am always ready to hear them. The Ganapati idol at the temple was so pretty and decorated with great care. The eyes of the idol looked real. Well, it seemed like God was here and was listening to all the prayers of his devotees. Truly delightful!

We thanked the locals who suggested us to come here; it was a great experience for all of us. The idol of the Ganesh is 7.5 in height and it is 4 feet in width. People offer gold here and there are many events such as bhajans and concerts held.

Destination Of The Week : Khadakwasla Dam Pune

Khadakwasla Dam Pune

Khadakwasla Dam Pune | Image Resource :

Description : Khadakwasla Dam proved to be an amazing and serene getaway for me as I love scenic places. I felt like I have embraced the nature as the cool breeze touched my body and the greenery around melted my heart. The best part was the light showers which made my day. I also explored some nice eateries which were served at the handcarts near the dam.

Bund Garden- Offering A Way Of Getting Close To Mother Nature !

Our next destination in Pune was the Bund Garden. After collecting some beautiful memories and amazing pictures from the Aga Khan Palace, all four of us headed right towards Bund Garden Pune. Since it was just a little over 3 kilometers from the Aga Khan Palace, for this reason we decided to try public transport in Pune.

Somehow we carefully managed to hop inside a government bus, which took us through the Samrat Ashok Road. In a matter of just 15 minutes, we were in front of Bund Garden. Being a photographer, locations like gardens and zoos have always been my favorite places. It is where I get to take pictures of the different colors of the nature.

Bund Garden Pune

Bund Garden Pune | Image Resource :

It was good for us that the Bund Garden remains open all through the week. The gates open for the public at 6 in the morning, whereas by 9 pm, the garden closes. Since there is no entry ticket associated with this garden, therefore we stormed inside straightaway. Once we went inside, I came to know that this garden has one more name, and it is- Mahatma Gandhi Udyan.

The greenery spread across the garden was definitely a treat to the eyes. If you are tired after a busy day or want to breathe in some fresh air then Bund Garden is one of the best places to be. The range of tree species and the different sorts of flowers were absolutely perfect for my camera to capture them. We also took a boat ride that allowed us to explore the beautiful elements of the garden in a much better way.

The crowd inside the garden comprised mostly of families, and most of them were busy enjoying their picnic. When our legs gave up, we sat under a tree, and allowed our restless mind to attain some peace under the cool shadow. Without any doubt, every moment spent there was quite soothing.

Away from the chaos, Bund Garden offers a perfect setting to relax with your friends and family members. In the end, we had some snacks from the food joints located nearby, and it was good though.