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Start an Animal Lovers Club for their Betterment

I have figured out some time off my busy schedule to point a serious issue that is cropping up from far end. Of late, I have come across a couple of “breaking news” and heartfelt footage about Animal Cruelty on various media.

The last time I checked, a female rhino had been brutally killed by a bunch of poachers in the interiors of Guwahati. The news went viral everywhere and now measures are being taken to protect the endangered wildlife.

As a mindful photographer, I rushed to the said spot only to find a scanty forest with little or no wildlife present. One of the locals brought to my notice that the very forest was once a natural habitat of all kinds of animals and birds. Depressed, I brought back a few heart-breaking snaps.

Staring at them, I promised that I am going to end this and bring a revolutionary change for my fellow wildlife community by creating an animal lovers club! Yes and here’s how you too can encourage others to volunteer.

animal lovers club

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1. Let people know about the motive via fliers or small handbills. Get them printed or if possible, manually create the fliers by pointing out how animal cruelty is on a rise.

2. Once you see that some people have voluntarily come forward, let them know about it further and go for holding meetings. Make sure the meetings are not held too often, as people might be busy in their own chores as well.

3. Extend your goal further by actualizing action plans for your club. If possible, assign tasks to people who are willing to undertake duties.

4. Charity programs/fundraising is another great way you can help the wildlife community. Gather funds for the betterment of endangered animals and birds and provide them with a safe shelter.

5. Setting up a social media channel would prove to be helpful as more and more people would come to know about the cause you are working for. Gather as many as you can by blogging or updating social media networks with your wildlife projects.

I hope that the world would be a better place, wherein humans would behave as they are expected to and not let poor animals suffer in any way. Need tons of luck for my new all-new animal lovers club!