dudh talai udaipur

Dudh Talai Udaipur : A Scenic Location with Picturesque Landscapes

After visiting the vintage car collection museum I decided to see the Dudh Talai Udaipur as the beautiful landscape is famous worldwide. It has the distinction of being the most beautiful and peaceful place in the city of Udaipur and hence has become a popular tourist hub for domestic and international tourists. Dudh Talai is a small lake situated in the southern side of the palace Shiv Niwas and south eastern side of Pichola Lake. When I saw it at a glance it looked as if a picturesque triangle had formed with Lake Pichola on one side, Dudh Talai on the second side and the gardens of M L Verma on the third side.

Dudh Talai Udaipur

Dudh Talai Udaipur | Image Resource : udaipurtimes.com/

Boating to Start in Dudh Talai

Boating to Start in Dudh Talai | Image Resource : udaipurtimes.com/

I took many snaps and pictures of this visual as it was looking awesome and heavenly. Looking at Dudh Talai pond it seemed as if it was an architectural work of art. The sunsets besides this pond looked to be of immense beauty. Many fountain shows musical of nature are held here. The scenic and enthralling beauty of this place is indiscernible.  As I was already informed by my hotel I had taken a picnic basket of food items and sitting beside the lake and eating those delicious delicacies was an amazing experience in itself. As the hotel authorities had packed a lot of food I shared it with some of my new friends which I made there and afterwards we exchanged our telephone numbers and e mail ID and decided to keep in touch. It looks as if this small lake, surrounded with manicured gardens was specially built for enhancing the pleasures of human mind and body. The scenic beauty calmed me to the core and I felt amazing after the visit and such places are great to spend time in as the serenity helps to make the mind fresh.

Wall Painting in Dudh Talai Udaipur

Wall Painting in Dudh Talai Udaipur | Image Resource : udaipurtimes.com/

At Night Dudh Talai Udaipur

At Night Dudh Talai Udaipur | Image Resource : udaipurtimes.com/

Dudh Talai Udaipur has become a favorite place for everyone specially the locals who are interested in going to picnics. The visit has proved to be a soothing and productive one as I have taken a lot of amazing and marvelous pictures of this scenic location. The tranquil beauty of this place helps one to relax and rejuvenate.