khaptad national park punjab

Khaptat National Park Punjab – Has Lots in Store for You

On the third day, we decided to visit Khaptad National Park Punjab. From childhood I was an animal lover and loved watching animals and taking their photographs. I have taken a lot of wildlife photography and even held an exhibition of these photographs. Camping, trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding and visiting tourist spots are other hobbies that I have. My friends too share the same interests and we were looking forward to visiting the park and watch the wildlife and do some trekking.

The park is located in a large area and is rich in wildlife and a wide species of plants and trees. It is one of the favorite tourist spots and is visited by a large number of tourists from all parts of the world. Once reaching the place, I saw that it is a very beautiful site blessed with Mother Nature. The scenery of the place was breathtaking and I took many photographs to keep with me as a memento. I saw many tourists wandering about and we also took a trail that led us to the interiors.

khaptat national park punjab

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As we walked along, I saw many birds, some of which looked very different from the ones I had ever seen. I came to know that they were the migratory birds coming from other parts of the world to escape for the intense cold. They were very beautiful and I managed to capture some of them in my camera. There were many trekking trails also in the park, which we enjoyed.

On one part of the park was the forest area with many species of trees, plants and creepers. I could see a few animals at a distance, but not clear enough to take a picture. The flowers were also very colorful and consisted of a wide range of species. As we moved on, we were joined by another group of tourists who came from West Bengal. We had a conversation with them and learnt that they were Botany students that were visiting the park to learn about different species of plants. They knew a lot about the plants and taught us a few things about plants. The visit to Khaptat National Park Punjab was really enjoyable and far beyond our expectations.