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Useful tips for Taj Mahal Photography

I was in Punjab to attend a cousin’s wedding thats when we decided to check out this glorious Indian monument called “The Taj Mahal”. So after the wedding, we went on a drive to Agra. My friend wanted me to teach them to capture the perfect photograph of Taj Mahal. I have been to Agra numerous times and have captured hundreds of beautiful photographs of Taj Mahal.

The best thing about Taj Mahal is that you can capture some really amazing shots from various angles. Still every shot looks like a totally different picture. So, in this blog I will be sharing with you guys some basic tips that will help you capture a perfect photograph of Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal Photography Tips :

Friday Special :

It is friday, you are at Taj Mahal and it’s closed. If you are a photographer then don’t be disappointed because I have a great idea to cheer you up. You should head to the Moonlight Garden across Yamuna river. Since the Taj Mahal complex is closed for visitors on Friday, you can capture an amazing picture of Taj Mahal alone without a human soul in your frame.

Use Wide Angle Lens :

If you are try to capture a photograph from a ground angle then you should probably have a wide angle lens. This allows you to beautifully capture the entire structure of Taj Mahal.

Early Photography :

Early morning stills of Taj Mahal are amongst one of my favourite pictures.Taj Mahal is crowded throughout the day but the crowd is a lot lesser if you visit it early in the morning. You can get a cleaner picture with less people to distract you.

Let the Sun Shine

This beautiful monument is entirely made up of pure marble. Taj Mahal looks better in sunlight. It brings out a different glow in the same picture.

Zoom it.

If you can use the zoom lens then you will get some really beautiful pictures from different angle.

These are some of my favorite methods for capturing a perfect picture of Taj Mahal. I’m hoping that this post was useful to you.

50 Things To Know About Professional Photography

These are some of the important points that must be considered by every photographer :

1 – While shooting in, always set your setting to RAW.
2 – Use Prime lenses if you are a beginner.
3 – Learn Photo editing.
4 – Avoid Macro photography if you are not an expert
5 – UV filters can function as a lens cap.
6 – Less reading and more activity i.e. stop reading forums and start taking more pictures.
7 – Try to capture the beauty behind simple objects.
8 – Digital and films are similar.
9 – No camera can make you a better photographer but regular practise can.
10 – Good lenses don’t necessarily produce great photographs.

Photography Tips & Tricks

Photography Tips & Tricks | Image Resource :

11 – Don’t focus on other people, others world and try to concentrate on your skills.
12 – DSLR are not designed for parties.
13 – Everybody admires photographers.
14 – Turn off the setting that makes your photos “artsy” automatically.
15 – Rather than tell people that you photoshop an image,  tell them that you process it in the digital darkroom.
16 – Don’t keep on clicking pictures unnecessarly. Put some thought into it.
17 – Always have backup for your photographs
18 – Start using hand strap.
19 – Getting the right focus is the most crucial aspect of taking photographs
20 – To make your picture unique, take crouched photos.

21 – Don’t think about technology, think about art.
22 – Experiment by taking photographs of the same scene or object but by using different exposures, apertures or angles.
23 – Point-and-shoot can be effective method
24 – Register in an online photography forum.
25 – Monitor and analyse the works of other photographers.
26 – A good photograph always explains itself
27 – Get inspired from other photographers but don’t copy them.
28 – As a photographer, create your own identity
29 – Using grain can add different personality to your photos.
30 – For easy travelling, lose your photo backpack and buy a messenger bag

Perfect Click Time

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31 – Don’t complicate things, especially if you are a beginner.
32 – Learn how to utilize light to your advantage.
33 – Identify your photography style such as wildlife, fashion, sports etc and specialize in it.
34 – Second monitor should be specifically used for processing photos.
35 – Silver EFEX pro is the top b/w converter used by professionals.
36 – Always carry a camera.
37 – Don’t let photography affect your life. Do it only if you love it.
38 – Exploit your camera in every way possible.
39 – All your pictures should be clicked, keeping mind the angles.
40 – Alway be confident about your work.

Perfect Click Time

Perfect Click Time | Image Resource :

41 – Photography and juxtaposition go hand in hand.
42 – Natural light offers the best light for photography.
43 – Taking good self-portraits can be challenging, so work on it.
44 – Understand how to use histogram.
45 – A bad image cannot be “photoshopped” into good.
46 – Try taking pictures of strangers (with their permission).
47 – 35mm is the best focal length for casual photography.
48 – Underexposing is better than overexposing.
49 – Bring the human element to your photographs and make them alive.
50 – Never miss a detail.

Tips for Better Photography

Often people think that having a better camera will make them a better photographer. Well, I think you are wrong. Having a better camera does help but it will not magically make your photos amazing. You need to know how to handle an efficient camera and understand its settings.

However, you don’t have to buy a new camera. You can capture beautiful picture even with a regular camera, if you practice regularly, follow the basics and avoid common mistakes.

Photography Tips

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– Go through the manual

Understanding the gadget you handle is very important for its optimal use. You must read the entire manual and be familiar with each and every function, key, feature and limitation of your camera.  Try to understand the functionality of each and every button, switch, and control and menu item.

– Know your setting

Understand regular actions such as flash, blur reduction, face detection, lens focus etc. Some camera offers different types of manuals for beginners, amateurs and experts on their website so check them out.

Best Shot Click Tips

Best Shot Click Tips | Image Resource :

– Capture high quality picture

Adjust the resolution of your camera to the highest quality available so that you could take highest resolution photographs. Pictures with higher resolution are easier to edit as compared to the low quality ones. Good quality pictures are also printable. However, these images are bigger in size therefore you may want to buy a memory card with bigger storage.

– Use the automated features

If you are still at the learning stage then I would recommend that you set your camera to its automatic modes. Many digital SLR cameras call this mode as “Program” or “P” mode. I would advise not to set your camera to manual.

Most of the cameras have a highly advanced automatic metering and focusing system which could bring amazing difference into your photographs. If you still are not satisfied by the output then you can manually operate certain features.

Tips of Carry Your Camera

Tips of Carry Your Camera | Image Resource :

– Carry your camera

Always carry your camera. This will provide you with ample amount of opportunities to take pictures and even click some really good ones. When you have the right camera, you will see the world through its lens.

These are some of the basic points that must be considered by all budding photographers. If you have something to share on the topic, please feel free to share.