Inspirational Thought Of The Day : Bill Gates

Inspirational Thought

Inspirational Thought | Image Resource : freshwallpapers.net

Summarization : Success on every occasion is definitely a lousy teacher. Why you ask? It’s because a person who has been successful on every occasion thinks that he cannot fail and when he fails he thinks it’s the end of the world. But that’s not the truth. Every person fails in his life at some point and when that happens, one must not give up and try again.


Wishing You Happy New Year, May It Be A Memorable One

Image Resource : wishafriend.com

Image Resource : wishafriend.com

New Year brings a new set of ideas and opportunities; make the best use of them. I hope than this New Year fulfils all your dreams. Plan your year well-in advance to make the best use of it. My resolution for the next year is to do an advanced course in photography to enhance my skills.

Travel Thought Of The Week : William Hazlitt

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I love travelling to explore the photographic talents within me. Knowing more about a place comes by exploring more in that area. I always follow what William Hazlitt has spoken about traveling. One should not just read the description of a place, but actually witness the place by themselves and that experience beats all the descriptions read in a book or a brochure!